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HSE Policy

The health and safety of our people, environment and workplace is our top priority.

We are committed to delivering a high-quality level of service to our clients with the most effective and efficient way while protecting our people and the environment in which we live and work.

ln our effort to accomplish a goal of a danger-free workplace, the combined dedication of management and workers is required.

The responsibility of our personnel is to help ensure LSCS CI is in line with the regulatory requirements established by laws in conjunction with our health, safety and environmental policy objectives.

ln the aim of complying with the said policy, everyone is expected to:

  • Minimize our impact on the environment through the reduction of pollution, natural resources consumption and emissions
  • Encourage safety practice and improve safety performance
  • Identify risks and minimizing hazards with a pre-job planning
  • Follow the program put in place to reduce workplace injuries
  • Protect the wellbeing, safety and security of all concerned
  • Communicate openly on issues relevant to our health and safety
  • Attend the HSE orientation training and participate in the refresher trainings

The intent of this document is to point out specifics areas of health, safety and environmental practice to reduce work place injuries therefore improve our performance.


All personal protective equipment (safety glasses, uniforms, shoe protection, gloves etc...) must be worn on work site and / or during work activities.

All PPE equipment must be inspected by employees prior to use

  • Do not be under the influence of substance
  • Seat belt must be worn at all time
  • Smoking is not permitted in all vehicle
  • Cell phone calls are strictly prohibited while driving
  • Follow routing schedule
  • Obey speed limit and all warning signs
  • Do not carry more passengers than is allowed in the vehicle manuals
  • Remove the ignition key and lock the doors when leaving the car
  • Ensure sufficient fuel onboard to complete required journey
  • A full vehicle inspection must be performed daily through a checklist that the driver will complete.
  • A full handling equipment inspection must be performed daily through a checklist that the driver will complete.

Process to be followed in the even of an accident

  • Notify your direct supervisor immediately
  • Notify the police in case of a car accident

Notes : Drivers are reviewed once a year and rewarded for compliance with the HSE policies.

  • A lift plan is required for every lift by evaluating lift and determine which method or equipment is needed.
  • Safety devices must be used when lifting
  • Medical evacuation will be carried out if necessary, should the need arise for an employee to be evacuated for medical treatment please contact the medical office immediately.

We have developed a plan to respond to fire

  • Shut down all operations
  • Use the fire safety exit doors
  • Contact the fire fighting team immediately
  • Mobilize the fire fighting team to extinguish fire with available equipment
  • A qualified security system is provided to guard the offices, warehouses as well as the field site. ln the event of security breach at afield or criminal activities, the security coordinator shall contact the local police station for additional support if needed.
  • The use of firearms is strictly prohibited by security personnel or employees.
  • Address any security issues to your direct supervisor
  • Newcomers are required to attend a health, safety and environmental orientation training with the support of a senior staff.
  • A refresher training is provided for all

This policy shall be regularly reviewed in conjunction with a refresher training to ensure ongoing best practice. The responsibilities listed above are parts of LSCS CI standards of operation thus expected to be complied by everyone.